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Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions

UKT Group legal aid company has been for over 10 years providing legal support for real estate transactions, has got extensive experience of participation in conflicts and conducts litigation about real estate in courts, knows to defend the position of a seller or a buyer; the company’s staff boasts experienced lawyers, assessors and auditors.

Legal services on support of real estate transactions:

1. Legal support of real estate purchase and sale

  • Support of purchase and sale of an office, building or structure;
  • Support of purchase and sale of a warehouse;
  • Support of purchase and sale of a store
  • Support of purchase and sale of a dwelling house;
  • Support of purchase and sale of a flat;
  • Support of purchase and sale of land or a land plot;

2. Legal support of real estate lease and mortgage

  • Rent of a building, structure, facility and land;
  • Mortgage of a building, structure, facility and land;

3. Adding property to the charter capital of a company

  • Introduction of an office into the charter capital of a company;
  • Introduction of a building into the charter capital of a company;
  • Introduction of a warehouse into the charter capital of a company;
  • Introduction of a land lot into the charter capital of a company;

4. Drafting of contracts:

  • Drawing up a contract on purchase and sale of an office, warehouse, store, building, structure, facility, land lot and other real estate;
  • Drawing up a contract on lease of an office, warehouse, store, building, structure, facility, land lot and other real estate;
  • Drawing up a mortgage contract for an office, warehouse, store, building, structure, facility, land lot and other real estate

Service provision procedure:

1. Legal audit of title documents:

  • Establishment of legal status of real estate. Checking the legal history of a building, structure or facility for legitimacy, absence of unauthorized structures, identification of existing encumbrances. Checking for encumbrances and legal claims on the property.
  • Establishment of legal status of the seller / buyer. Legal audit and analysis of the set of incorporation documents, minutes of general meetings and other documents of the owner company or purchaser, real property. Checking for freedom from corporate conflicts, for consent of the stockholders / participants or spouses to the transaction.
  • Independent assessment of the market value of the property.
  • Financial audit of the company, if the transaction involves the sale of the company-owner of the real property.

2. Preparation of documents for the transaction.

  • Preparation of a contract of purchase and sale of real estate, drafting of a real estate lease contract, drafting other legal documents for real estate transaction.
  • Advising on matters of the taxation upon the settlement of real estate transaction
  • Development of a system of mutual settlements between the parties and a system of mutual guarantees taking into account the balance of interests of the parties.
  • Collection of documents for the real estate transaction. Obtaining documents from the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory): cadastral plan, legend, floor plan, certificate of the BTI — Russian Technical Inventory. Extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and other documents.

3. On-site support of a transaction.

  • Support of signing documents for real estate transactions (checking credentials of the parties, verifying the compliance of the documents signed with the previously agreed drafts, the signing of documents);
  • Registration of the contract or right in the Office of the Russian Register of Moscow or the Moscow region.

If you need verbal or written advice and legal support of a real estate transaction, contact UKT Group lawyers by phone +7 (499) 250-63-42 and get professional legal assistance.