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UKT Group Law Firm in Moscow. About UKT Group

The UKT LawConsulT-Group LLC, shortly named as UKT Group, is a law firm based in Moscow, which provides legal services in business and performs legal support work for activities of organizations and businesses.

UKT Group is part of the UKT Consulting Group.

The UKT Consulting Group brings together three companies providing services in the field of business consulting, as well as experienced attorneys who specialize in financial crime defense:

What can UKT GROUP do for you?

  • You want to get the professional and high-quality implementation of a project
  • You need a guaranteed result of work or services of a lawyer
  • You are looking for unusual and creative ways to solve your problem
  • You need a reliable lawyer in Moscow and privacy
  • You want to save money by outsourcing
  • You are looking for quality legal services
  • You need a good legal aid company in Moscow

All this and much more is delivered by UKT GROUP!

  • Our lawyers, appraisers, auditors and defense attorneys team up in workgroups for comprehensive customer service.
  • We do not stand still; our experts grow, so do our clients, and our company keeps growing and developing, getting new knowledge, experience and renown.
  • Our experience of dealing with corporate conflicts, working on and winning the most complex litigations and legal optimization of large companies’ operation allows us to combine ready tried-and-true solutions and new unrehearsed approaches to problems.
  • Our victories are described by newspapers. During the time of its operation UKT Group legal aid company has conducted numerous successful corporate projects and has won in arbitration cases on disputes in the fields of civil, tax, shareholding law.
  • Our clients always entrust their affairs and destiny to us. Our clients are known Russian and foreign companies.
  • Our lawyers in Moscow have repelled many hostile takeovers.
  • We constantly monitor law changes; we take into account a customer’s branch-wise specificity, as well as the practices of administrative bodies and courts.

UKT GROUP law firm is reliable protection for your business!