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Corporate protection

The LCT legal aid company has an abundant experience of work in the field of mergers and acquisitions. We have successfully carried out a number of corporate projects and legal disputes. Weknowhowtoresistcorporateraiding.It is very likely that you have had luck, and your company has not yet become a subject to an unfriendly acquisition, i.e. corporate seizure.
Or maybe, on the contrary, at the present moment you have to spend most of your time in courts, conducting corporate disputes, repel attempts of intrusion through your entrance checkpoint of officers of justice and the so called law enforcers.
In any event, we just have to deplorably inform you that your company may be on the list of companies which can be subjected to corporate raiding. Believe us, we have seen that list with our own eyes and can prove it for you. You may probably be there, and the list is easily purchasable. So the corporate raid may turn into reality for you.

In any case:

1. Preventive measures against corporate raiding

If the aggression has not yet started, and your company’s form is CJSC, OJSC, producers' co-operative, and particularly if it was created at the time of privatization, the probability to get involved into corporate disputes increases, and we know how and are able to carry out a number of simple and fairly inexpensive methods of corporate raid prevention.
Those methods include:
  • Restructuring assets;
  • Encumbering assets;
  • Consolidation of stock holding;
  • Additional issues of stock;
  • Working with the stockholders register system;
  • Legal auditing of the stock holding history of the company;
  • Elimination of legal errors when concluding agreements;
  • Development of correct foundation documents (‘poisonous pills’, ‘golden parachute’);
  • Building an efficient information delivery system dealing with registration bodies on matters of company’s assets, company’s stock, the United State Registers for Legal Entities.

2. Corporate protection from the corporate raid which has already started, conducting corporate disputes

  • You have started to receive envelops with blank sheets of paper;
  • You or your employees are getting offers of selling the owned stock;
  • Public bodies or stockholders demand that you submit documents on privatization, large-scale transactions;
  • You have received an order on holding an extraordinary general meeting of stockholders;
  • You have not been receiving extracts form the United State Register of Enterprises, United State Register for Legal Entities;
  • You have received a court decision on dismissal of some case in no one knows where 
— it is probably the beginning of illegal corporate capture of your company, and you will not manage without qualified assistance of the LAWCONSULT-GROUP (in addition to the above, there are some other signs of the beginning of acquisition actions).
Here too we have a number of methods, which can disrupt preparation for corporate raid:
  • All the actions listed in Section 1;
  • Protesting illegal court decisions;
  • Setting blocks in all registration bodies;
  • Involvement of mass media to cover the corporate raid;
  • Sending ‘letters of happiness’ (application to all law enforcement and administration agencies);
  • Getting secured measures in courts;
  • Preventive conducting of corporate disputes;
  • Engagement of a private security company;
  • Some other measures.

3. Protection from the corporate raid which has already started, corporate disputes

If a corporate raid has already started, do not be in despair. We know how to win, and are ready to help you. However, you should be ready for loss, maybe, it is already too late. Therefore, do not postpone, keep your eyes open and resort in time to LAWCONSULT-GROUP.
Methods of protection from the corporate raid which has already started:
  • All methods listed in Section 1 and Section 2;
  • Conducting a considerable number of corporate disputes;
  • Search for a ‘white knight’ or black knight (selling assets or stock to a stronger structure or to the raider’s competitors);
  • Some other measures.
We are LCT corporate protection.
It is said that in order to become a good attorney, one must work as investigator for a long time. That is just what we are. We know how they invade, we know who they are, we know their weak points, we will help you resist illegal merger / acquisition, greenmail, and will help solve any problems in the field of corporate law.
Our activity is aimed at maintenance of law and order. That is why law enforcement agencies, tax and registration bodies readily cooperate with us.
We will provide to you:
  • lawyers specializing in the field of corporate mergers and acquisitions;
  • attorneys;
  • auditors;
  • appraisers;
  • private security companies;
  • engineered safety features;
  • registering clerk for keeping the register of stockholders;
  • already-registered companies (if needed for preserving assets).